Datasheets & Manuals

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CE-UF series LED tapelighting
CE-UF series IP68.pdf

320W power supply

AR-32 DMX recorder

WS2801 3-Channel Constant Current LED Driver

WS2803 18-Channel Constant Current LED Driver


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DMX-Workshop is a full features network management, analysis, configuration and diagnostics tool for Art-Net networks.

This software also contains the DongleArtNet.dll DLL file which is required to run other Art-Net applications.

The software download can be found in the 'Support' tab of the DMX-Workshop page.

AR-32 Software & Drivers

AR-32 Software & Drivers Rev3.01.exe


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What size power supply do I need for my LED tape lighting?

-ensure the power supply voltage matches the LED voltage
-LED power = Watts/Meter x total length (eg. 4W/M x 5M = 20W)
-ensure the power supply is rated at least 20% greater than what the LEDs require

Does it matter if my power supply wattage is rated higher than what my LEDs require?

In general it does not, as long as the voltage of the power supply matches the LED voltage. However, certain power supplies require a minimum power draw in order to turn on.